Our School

At Leicester Elementary School, we believe our guiding principles are based on a single and simple idea. By capitalizing on our advantage as a true and historic community school, and from a plan centered in providing each child with a support system that feels and functions like a family, we strive to build children that will become a force for good in their community. Each day, each lesson starts with a foundation that every child in our school matters, that they understand that they have value and something of consequence to offer those around them, and that they can be given the tools to accomplish their life's ambitions. We understand that our mission is about commitment and investment and that by making those personal, academic, and emotional investments in our children, we can accomplish the goals that every parent and every teacher has for their students.

Diversified, personalized, and thoughtful instruction are taught within a family and team atmosphere. Our school is enriched with programs, such as Art, Music, and Physical Education, which are tailored to light a creative fire. We have support structures that allow us to work with every child regardless of their needs and social emotional supports. These help prioritize decision making, allow for perseverance in the face of struggle, and create a sense that success is possible regardless of the circumstance are key elements of our work. We believe these ideas, along with progressive teaching and learning that will prepare our children to be competitive and enriched in the world's job market, can and does make being a student at Leicester Elementary a positive opportunity. And at the end of the day, we believe that each choice we make should be designed to give our students specific advantages because they were here. We invite you to contact us, come by and visit, or volunteer to be part of our school community.

Learn more about Leicester Elementary School in this feature honoring our 2023 school and Erwin District Teacher of the Year, Ms. Levy: