Welcome to Leicester Elementary

At Leicester Elementary School, our guiding principles are based on a single and simple idea. We will nurture children to become a force for good in our community.

Each day, each lesson starts with a foundation that every child in our school matters and has something of value to offer those around them. By capitalizing on our
advantage as a true and historic community school, and from a plan centered on providing each child with a support system that feels and functions like a family, we create an environment in which learning becomes a lifelong pursuit for students and staff.

We understand that our mission is about commitment and investment and that by making those personal, academic, and emotional investments in our children, we can accomplish the goals that every parent and every teacher has for their student. At the end of the day, we believe that each choice we make should be designed to give our students specific advantages because they were here and with us at Leicester. We invite you to contact us, come by and visit, or volunteer to be part of our school community.

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