Supply List

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Supply List

4 packs of pencils

1 pair of student scissors

1 pack of colored pencils or crayons

1 zipper pencil pouch

12 glue sticks

2 ink pens

2 highlighters, preferably different colors

2 big pink erasers (no cap erasers)

1 pack of expo markers (minimum of four)

4 composition books (marble notebook, no spiral or wire bound)

2 plastic, durable folders with 2 pockets and 3 prongs (any color EXCEPT for BLACK - no black, please)

1 regular size (not trial size) bottle of hand sanitizer

3 boxes of tissues

2 containers of baby wipes

1 set of earbuds

 **Please remember that some of these supplies will be collected and shared with your child's entire class.**
Check with your child's teacher for variations to this list.
**No rolling backpacks
**No trapper-keepers or organization binders
**No personal pencil sharpeners 
Wish List
These items are not required but they would be greatly appreciated!

- Disinfecting Wipes
- Individually wrapped candies for treat jar