Clair, Michael (3rd Grade)

My digital learning office hours are 9am-1pm, but will be checking communication outside of that time frame as well. My Google Classroom can be found at Parents may reach me via my school email, [email protected], or Classroom Dojo messenger. 

I reside in West Asheville. I've worked with children in a number of roles throughout my life: working with at-risk youth as a residential counselor at Eliada Homes, supporting youth on the autism spectrum as a direct care worker at the Autism Society of NC, and as a full-time teacher with Buncombe County schools.  I incorporate my experiences with a diverse youth population into my classroom, and work to support the success of all my students. 

My teaching philosophy is centered around approaching each student as an individual with their own strengths and areas to improvement. My classroom culture strives to bring out the uniqueness in each student, while connecting them with their classmates and beyond. Growth mindset is a focal point of the emotional growth that I apply to my instruction. I regard my interactions with my students not simply as teaching points for 4th grade standards, but as moments that impact them positively long after they've left my classroom.

Outside of my time at Leicester Elementary, I enjoy spending time with my family. My daughter Norah is admittedly my favorite pupil, and main motivator to experience the culture and beauty of the Asheville area. Beyond teaching, my passions include taking in nature, going on adventures with lifelong friends, and more or less anything involving music or the comedic arts. I believe that my life outside of my classroom compliments who I am as a teacher, and vice versa, and that my personal and professional lives intersect nicely.