Welcome to 1st Grade

Welcome to First Grade!!!

Hi!  We are so excited to have your child in our class!  We are looking forward to a very fun and exciting year together in 1st grade.  Mrs. Morrison is my wonderful assistant and we are so lucky to have her in our classroom!  This is our 2nd year together and I just love the enthusiasm she has when she is working with children.   We are both looking forward to working with your child each day and watching their faces light up when they learn so many new things!!  We will all learn so much together and have a great time along the way!!  The first few days of school can often be confusing and hectic, so hopefully the following information will help ease the transition.  Please don’t hesitate to call or send a note in your child’s folder with any questions or concerns.   

Contact Information:

School phone #: 683-2341

Mrs. Barnwell’s room # and phone mailbox #: 206

Mrs. Barnwell’s email: [email protected]

Classroom website: www.buncombe.k12.nc.us/les

                      (Then click “Staff” and find “Barnwell”)

  1. 1. Student Handbook: Please read the student handbook carefully.

   It is available on our school website.  Please go there to find out

                your current school information.  It will answer any questions about

                lunch, attendance, medication, dismissal, etc. 

  1. Supplies: A 1st grade supply list for our classroom is

                attached in this packet.  Please send in the supplies as quickly

                as possible and let me know if you have any questions or problems.                        

                We appreciate all of your help in providing items for your child and               

                our classroom.

  1. Lunch Money: Please send lunch money in a wallet, change purse,

                or baggy with your child’s name that your child can                   

                keep up with.  We are not allowed to keep money for the children.

                You may send a check on Mondays or pay online to pay ahead for lunch.                

                Free and reduced lunch applications are available.  “Extras” (slushies,

                chips, cookies, etc.) are allowed only on Fridays if your child brings or has

                extra money in his/her account.   


  1. Homework:  Your child will bring home a “homework” folder each day. 

                These folders will be provided for all students.  You will find a

                behavior chart, a homework sheet with space for questions and

                comments, and other important information. Your

                child will have homework to complete Monday-Thursday evenings,

                and every night, your child should read the “Baggy Book” provided.

                These books will be around your child’s reading level, so your child should

                be able to read the book independently.  However, I ask that you discuss

                the book with them, ask questions, and fill out the reading log, which will

                be provided.  I also encourage you to continue reading aloud to your child. 

  1. Snack: We will have a morning snack each day at approximately 10:00am.                   

                 We will need each child to send in a snack for the entire class about once        

                 a month.  Your child’s snack calendar is located on the back of the

                “homework” folder so you will know ahead of time what day your child will

                 need to send in snack.  Please provide enough snack for 23 children.  If

                 your child’s snack needs plastic utensils, please be sure to provide those.

                 We encourage healthy snacks for our snack time each day.  No sweets,

                 please.  If you have any questions about snack, please let me know.  Also,

                 when it is  your child’s snack day, please send in a $1.00 toy to go  

                 towards our treasure box.  Small toys, stickers, candy, pencils,

                 etc. are all great ideas.  McDonald’s toys are also a good example. 

                 Thanks in advance for all of your help!!   

  1.          Birthdays:  If your child is having a birthday during a particular

                 month, you can provide a special snack for your child during our

                 morning snack time.  We will not have birthday parties at school.

                 You will be scheduled for snack on or near your child’s

                 birthday.  Cupcakes and cakes are not allowed.  If you would please send

                 in a healthy snack for that special event, we would appreciate it. 

                 We try to encourage healthy snacks and eating on a day to day basis.         

                 Please no sweets.  Anything that you send for your child’s birthday must

                 be pre-packaged and unopened.  We can’t accept anything home-

                 made.  That is a county policy.  Thanks!!

  1. Communication: I know this is a lot of information.  Please feel free to

                 contact me at school, send me an email, or send a note in your child’s

                 backpack with any questions or concerns that you may have.  We will

                 keep you informed daily in your child’s folder of his/her behavior

                 and progress.  Also, please make it a habit to check my website weekly

                 for homework assignments, news, and important notes. Our school

                 website is http://www.buncombe.k12.nc.us/les (then click “Staff” and

                 find “Barnwell.”)

Please fill out the attached forms as soon as possible and send them back with your child. If your child returns all of these papers by Tuesday morning, he/she will earn 5 tokens to go towards the Treasure Chest!!  What an incentive!!  We are looking forward to a wonderful and exciting year in 1st grade with your child!!  Thanks for everything!!  Please keep in touch!!