Supply List/Wish List

       Supply List

Please label the following with your child’s name:

  1. Four (4) glue sticks (Elmer’s brand please.)Clear, not colored. No bottles of glue.
  2. One (1) Box of Crayola crayons (16 to 24 pack only, please) *Also, get a pack to keep at home
  3. One (1) package (12-pack) of #2 pencils- any design is fine
  4. One (1) package of pencil-top erasers
  5. One (1) pair of scissors (Fiskars brand is preferred)
  6. Two (2) packages of sticky notes (3” x 3” square)
  7. One (1) large, plastic crayon/pencil box to put in desk   
  8. One (1) marbled composition books with sewn-in pages (No spiral notebooks)
  9. Backpack (No rolling ones allowed. Please make sure it is large enough to hold a folder.)
  10. Complete change of clothes in a Ziploc bag labeled with child’s name (shirt,  shorts/ pants, socks, underwear) 
The following will be used by all students and does not need to be labeled with your child’s name:
   11. One (1) boxes of baby wipes
   12. One (1) bottle of Purell Instant Hand Sanitizer
   13. One (1) box of gallon or quart Ziploc bags

*No individual pencil sharpeners please.

***IMPORTANT: I am asking for your help in organizing our supplies. Please put the following inside your child’s pencil box:

   · 1 box crayons (24 or less)

   · 2 glue stick
   · Scissors
   · 1 package sticky notes
   · 5 sharpened pencils    · 5 pencil top erasers

*Please put all the “extras” of the above supplies in the gallon Ziploc bag provided (extra crayons, glue sticks, pencils, dry erase markers, erasers, & sticky notes). We will distribute these items as your child needs them. All other materials can be sent in your child’s backpack. THANKS FOR YOUR HELP!!

NOTE: Later in the year, we are sure to request more boxes of baby wipes and hand sanitizer. Please do not send more now, as we have no space to store them.
Mrs. Barnwell’s Wish List….

In addition to the required supply list, we have a few items that we hope some of you may be able to provide:

          1. Any extras of the required supplies
          2. Gel pens
          3. Dry-erase markers
          4. Vis-à-vis markers(overhead markers) 
          5. Washable Crayola markers
          6. Colored stamp pads
          7. Playdough
          8. Band-Aids with cool designs (they
             work wonders for small scrapes).

Thank You!!!