What Is the Wildcat Way?

The Wildcat Way!
The Wildcat Way is Leicester's version of Positive Behavior Intervention Support (PBIS). PBIS is a system designed to help us to be proactive in teaching our students to develop positive behaviors and good character traits such as cooperation, having a great attitude, always trying your best, and following rules and procedures to keep everyone safe.  PBIS is a system that makes it a point to recognize students who are "caught being good" and clarifying what "being good" means by teaching students what the expectations are in every area of our school including the bus, cafeteria, classrooms, the hallways, the playground, the restrooms, and during school assemblies in the auditorium or the gym.  A big part of our job in the elementary years is to help students understand what it means to be a good citizen,to give them opportunities to practice good citiznship, and to teach them about correcting behaviors that are not their best behaviors.  We take this job very seriously because we want our Leicester children to be highly skilled in academics, but we also want them to develop those great qualities that will help them be successful, caring, and compassionate adults.  We believe that PBIS is a good way to achieve our goal, and we look forward to sharing more about PBIS throughout the school year!
Chad Upton

What does the Wildcat Way look like?

Wildcat Cheer

Every Wildcat Wednesday and during many assemblies, we do the Wildcat Cheer. This is our pledge to our school that we are going to always follow the Wildcat Way by remembering the CATS model!

We are the wildcats
We follow the Wildcat Way!
C - We are cooperative.
A - We have a good attitude.
T - We always try our best.
S - We're always safe.
We are the wildcats

We follow the Wildcat Way!

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