ARTICLE I - PURPOSE            


The purpose of the Leicester Elementary PTO is to promote communication and cooperation between parents, teachers, guardians, school administrators, and the Leicester community through fundraising, family events, and volunteer activities in order to enhance the educational experience for the children attending our school and bring together the Leicester community.




Section 1 - The program of this organization shall be educational and shall be implemented through committees, projects, and events.


Section 2 – The organization is organized exclusively for the charitable, scientific, literary or educational purposes within the meaning of Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal revenue Code or corresponding section of any future federal tax code.


Section 3 - This organization shall be non-commercial, non-sectarian, and nonpartisan.  No commercial enterprise shall be endorsed by it.  Neither the name of the organization nor the names of its officers in their official capacities shall be used in any connection with a commercial concern or for any purpose other than the regular work of the organization.


Section 4 - All funds shall be kept in a checking account in the name of Leicester Elementary School PTO, requiring two signatures of the Executive Board and held at a local financial institution.


Section 5 – Contract signing authority is limited to the President or the President’s designee and Vice-President.


Section 6 – The PTO Board will be responsible for making all final decisions on how PTO monies will be spent and what events/programs will be offered by the Leicester Elementary School PTO.  This will be decided by a majority vote from the PTO Board.




Section 1 - Membership is open to the staff of our school and all parents, guardians, or other adult standing in loco parentis for a student at the school.


Section 2 – Any member shall have the privilege of making motions and serving on committees.




The fiscal year of Leicester Elementary PTO shall be from July 1 through June 30 of the following year.






            Section 1 -

a.  The officers of this organization shall consist of one President, one Vice-President, one Secretary, one Treasurer, and one Volunteer Coordinator.

b.   Officers shall be asked to serve for the following school year by the month of May.  The officers of the board will nominate potential candidates and vote on who shall be asked to serve each position.

c.   The newly installed officers shall assume their duties July 1st and shall serve for a term of one year or until the acceptance of their successors.

d.    A person shall hold an office for one year except the Vice President.  The Vice President shall become President during the following school year.  If one of the other officers choose to stay in their position for longer than one year, they may if the board approves.

e.   The outgoing President shall be invited to serve as an advisor to the Executive Board for one year in order to ensure continuity.

f.    The outgoing Executive Board and the newly accepted officers shall have a combined meeting in June so as to provide an orderly transfer of responsibility.


Section 2 - A vacancy occurring in any office shall be filled by a majority vote of all remaining members of the Executive Board.  If the office of President becomes vacant, the Vice President shall assume the duty for the remainder of the school year, or until the office is filled.


Section 3 - By a two-thirds (2/3) vote of the entire Executive Board, an officer may be removed from office for failure to perform duties.




Section 1 -  President - Duties

a.   Preside at all meetings.

b.   Present any new business.

c.   Be the official spokesperson for the organization.

d.   Act as custodian of all records of the organization.

e.  Deliver to the successor in office, all records in his/her possession by fiscal year end.

f.   Contract signing authority


Section 2 -   Vice President - Duties

a.   Aid the president.

b.   Perform the duties of the president in the event of that officer’s absence or inability to serve.

c.   Act as liaison between committee and project chairs with the Executive Board.

d.   Deliver to the successor in office, all records in his/her possession by fiscal year end.

e.   Recruit committee chairpersons for the various PTO committees.


Section 3 -  Secretary - Duties

a.   Prepare the agenda for the General Membership meetings with the assistance of the President.

b.   Prepare any materials needed for distribution or reference at General Membership meetings.

c.   Take minutes at Executive Board and General Membership meetings.

d.   Finalize minutes, obtain necessary approvals, and post minutes in a timely manner.

e.   Keep the files of communications, papers, and documents belonging to the organization.

                        f.    Deliver to the successor in office, all records in his/her possession by fiscal year end.


Section 4 -  Treasurer - Duties

a.   Be custodian of all organization funds, and shall be authorized to disperse funds on behalf of the PTO.

b.   Give written monthly financial reports for review at all General Membership meetings and to the Executive Board in months with no General Membership Meeting.

c.   Prepare a year-end financial report by fiscal year end.

d.   Deliver to the successor in office, all records in his/her possession by fiscal year end.

e.   Prepare federal tax forms (Form 990 and Form 990EZ) as required by the IRS and submit by December 15 of each year. 

f.    Facilitate an annual audit of the financial records and practices during the summer of each year.


Section 5 -  Volunteer Coordinator - Duties

a.   Be custodian of all volunteer records and management system.

b.   Assist Vice President in recruiting committee chairpersons.

c.   Assist committee chairpersons with getting volunteers for committees.

d.   Coordinate volunteers for PTO events and school requests.

e.   Deliver to the successor in office, all records in his/her possession by fiscal year end.





            Section 1 - The Executive Board shall consist of the officers of the organization, the Principal (or representative to act on his/her behalf), and will include a representative from the teaching staff.


            Section 2 - The Executive Board shall be subject to the orders of the organization and none of its acts shall conflict with action taken by the organization.


            Section 3 - Duties of the Executive Board shall be:

a.   To transact necessary business in the intervals between general membership meetings.

b.   To approve projects and events for the year.

c.   To present a report at the general membership meeting of any action taken by the Executive Board.

d.   To facilitate an annual audit of the treasurer’s records after fiscal year end, and before the first fall general membership meeting.

e.   To prepare an annual budget for membership approval.

f.    To approve routine bills within the limits of the budget.

g.   To fill vacancies of elected positions.

h.   To oversee fundraising activities of the school year.


Section 4 - The Executive Board shall meet monthly.  Special meetings may be called by the President or by a majority of the members of the board.






Committees shall be created by the Executive Board as needed to promote the purpose and interests of the organization.  The need for specific committees will be reviewed annually.


Section 1 - The chairpersons of each committee shall present their plans to the membership and a yearly report to their successors.  No committee work shall be undertaken without the approval of the Executive Board.  The chairpersons shall report on committee activities to the Vice President monthly and at the general membership meetings as necessary.


Section 2 - Special committees may be established by the Executive Board, or by action taken at a general membership meeting.


Section 3 – Committees may consist of members and board members, with the President acting as an ex officio member of all committees.




Section 1 – Regular meetings of the organization shall be held monthly during the school year or as designated by the Executive Board.  The regular monthly meeting schedule will be published in the annual student guide.  The Board will meet more often when needed.


Section 2 – Special meeting may be called by the President, any two members of the executive board, or five general members submitting a written request to the Secretary.  Previous notice of the special meeting shall be sent to the members at least 5 days prior to the meeting, by flyer and web site notice.


Section 3 – Three (3) Executive Board members shall constitute a quorum for the transaction of necessary business and/or approval of routine bills in the intervals between general membership meetings.




Section 1 – A tentative budget shall be drafted in June for each school year and approved by a majority vote of the Executive Board present.  The budget will be adopted at the first meeting of the General Members of the school year.


Section 2 – The Treasurer shall keep accurate records of any disbursements, income, and bank information.




            Section 1 - Procedure

a.   The organization, by majority vote in a general membership meeting, shall authorize the appointment of a committee to consider the reasons for disbanding and the necessary steps to be taken.

b.   Notice of intent to disband shall be given to all members, in writing, at least 30 days prior to the general membership meeting.

c.   The committee shall submit a report at the next general membership meeting.

d.   A quorum for the purpose of dissolution shall be 25% of the current year’s total membership.

e.   A 2/3 vote of those in attendance is required for passage.     

            Section 2 - The funds remaining in the treasury at the time of dissolution shall be used to pay all outstanding PTO debts or financial obligations and then any remaining funds shall be submitted to the Buncombe County School Board.These funds shall be earmarked for use at Leicester Elementary School.





The authority for this organization shall be “Robert’s Rules of Order Newly Revised, 9th





Section 1 - Revision Procedure

a. A committee may be appointed to submit a revised set of bylaws as a substitute for the existing bylaws by a majority vote at a general membership meeting, or by a 2/3 vote of the entire Executive Board.

b.  Amendments and/or revisions must be posted on the PTO web site at least one general membership meeting prior to the general membership meeting in which all proposed changes are read and discussed.


Section 2 - Revision Schedule

These bylaws may be revised on a three year schedule, or as needed. 



The Executive Board unanimously approved this set of Bylaws on January 6, 2013.