Supply List

Crayon picture 

Mrs. Gragg’s Supply List

4 - bound marble composition notebooks, wide-ruled

4 - two plastic pocket folders (with brads or prongs)

2 - packs of wide-ruled, loose-leaf notebook paper

6 - packs of #2 pencils, preferably pre-sharpened (yearly supply)   

2 - packs pencil top erasers

1 - pack of 4 big pink erasers

1 - pack of Expo dry erase markers

1 - pack of Expo fine-tip erase markers

1 - box of 24 crayons

1 - box of colored pencils

1 - pencil pouch or pencil box

1-  pair of scissors

2 - 4oz. bottles of Elmer’s School Glue

1 - pack of glue sticks

1 - box of band-aids

2 - boxes of tissues, (yearly supply)

1 - bottle of hand sanitizer (please no personal-sized ones)

1 - container of Wet Ones/disinfectant wipes

1 - container of baby wipes

1- pair of earbuds for computer use (2 pair would be ideal)

1- quart size pack ziploc bags (boys)

1- gallon size pack ziploc bags (girls)

“Wish List”

(These are items you may choose to purchase to help our school year go a little smoother.  These items are not required.)

-Classroom prize box items (small toys, pens, pencils, party favor items, bubbles, etc.)  Any other things you think students might like in the classroom prize box are also appreciated!

**I do not need hand-sanitizer, band-aids, or glue bottles this year.  I have plenty left from years past and space is limited.  Thanks for your understanding!

 **NO rolling backpacks or hand held pencil sharpeners please!