Behavior Management Plan

At Leicester Elementary, we encourage all students to act in the “Wildcat Way,” our school-wide positive behavior system.
Students will be evaluated on their own behavior at the end of each day, in the areas of C-A-T-S.
I feel it is important for children to take responsibility for their actions and consider ways to improve.
Listed below are the rules in each area:

Follow directions the first time given.
Listen to others when they are talking.
Take responsibility for your actions.
Be kind and respectful to others (share, be helpful).
Be polite and use good manners.
Appreciate individual differences.
Take care of your things and things in our classroom.

Be positive (Be kind, have fun, no whining!).
Be honest.

Participate in all class activities.
Do your best work.

No violence (words, hitting, pushing, etc.).
Keep hands and feet to yourself.
Follow all school rules.


Students will mark their behavior level on a sheet in their homework folder each day:

SUPER (above & beyond)=purple
STOP & THINK!=yellow
WATCH OUT!=orange

All students will begin their day with a green cube and can have cubes added or taken away by their behavior. First graders are still learning expectations for behavior, so moving to “yellow” should be expected and not punished. Parents should discuss ways to improve behavior with their child. A move to “orange” or “red” will happen when multiple warnings have been given and/or unacceptable behavior has occurred. “Blue” and "purple" are special and will not likely occur daily – it is reserved for showing “above & beyond” behaviors.
Consequences for breaking rules will be natural consequences. For example, if a student is being disruptive (talking, playing, not listening) during group time, he/she will be moved away from the group to sit by him/herself. If a student throws food at lunch, he/she will clean it up and sit by him/herself. For more severe behavior problems, such as hitting, pushing, etc., a visit to the principal and/or a phone call home may occur. If a child is on “red” in any area, I will write a note or call you to discuss the behaviors and consider ideas for improvement. 

I feel that children should do what they are told to do, have good manners, and be respectful because that is the right thing to do. However, students will be given play "pennies" when they are “caught being good” and serving as good examples for others. Accumulation of pennies will result in such rewards as: stickers, prizes from the Treasure Box, and/or extra time in choice activities. Whole class rewards will be given when we receive compliments from others about our behavior (example: another teacher comments on our class walking quietly in the hallway) and/or receive blue paws from our specials - Art, Music, P.E., Media Center, and Computer.
If you have any questions or concerns about your child’s behavior, please call me after school (683-2341) between 2:45-3:30, email me, or set up a conference time. Please make it a habit to talk to your child about his/her day and his/her behavior. Most of the time, children can remember what happened and discuss ideas for improvement.

We appreciate all of your support!