Tammy Gregg

Welcome to my Classroom
Tammy Gregg

Welcome to
Physical Education!
My name is Tammy Gregg and this is my 24th year at Leicester Elementary. I received my Bachelor of Science degree from Appalachian State University, (home of the 3-time National Champions ) and I received my teaching certification from Mars Hill College.
I try to make my Physical Education classes as enjoyable as possible. I play loud music and try not to emphasize winning and losing but enjoying the game or activity. One of my favorite sayings I have posted in my gym is "If you had fun...you won!
Many times I hear my students saying that they won even when their team didn't score the most points.
My students in grades 3-4 will participate in lessons that include learning the basic skills of basketball, volleyball, football, soccer, floor hockey, golf, bowling and tennis. We also learn basic square dancing, folk dancing and will participate in the Fitnessgram Fitness Test twice during the year.
My students in grades K-2 will participate in lessons that include learning basic locomotor movements (skipping, hopping, jumping, sliding....),proper tossing and catching skills as well as learning to work in teams.