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  • SupplyClassroom Supply List 2016-2017 These are the general supply lists for all grade levels, but specific lists may be given by your classroom teacher
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    Learn about our PBIS Program at Leicester

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  • sealRead to Achieve Find out more about North Carolina's Read to Achieve law and how it is being implemented.
  • flu Share Good Cheer, Not the Flu, This Season Let's keep the "happy" in "happy holidays," and save flu for the Grinch! There have already been several flu-related deaths in NC this season. With flu activity expected to pick up through the holidays and beyond, remember these tips to remain flu-free.
  • Boy Zone: Arboretum Visit!

    April 2012: The Boy Zone got a visit from Jonathan Marchal, the NC Arboretum Education Director. What a wonderful time we had!

    Dr. Keith Reason, DVM, visits Boy Zone

    March 2012 – Dr. Keith Reason, a veterinarian, came to visit the Boy Zone last week. He brought with him one of dogs, Rock Star, to bring comic relief to Dr. Reason's talk.

    Boy Zone meets Alan Gratz, Author.

    March 2012 – Last week we were honored to meet Mr. Alan Gratz, a local author of such child and young teen books as Samurai Shortshop and Fantasy Baseball.

    Boy Zone Launches with Sheriff Duncan

    February 2012 – The Boy Zone for this year has begun! Mentors are working with students a few days a week, activities have begun, and guests have arrived!


          Media Center Read a good book lately? The students at Leicester Elementary have! With over 13,000 books to choose from, the saying goes, "so many books, so little time". If you are interested in finding the latest Newbery or Caldecott award winner, enjoying the latest "cool" series, or just trying to find an interesting read, come by and ask the media assistant, Mrs. Elizabeth Adkins, or myself for our help in finding what you are looking for in our library!

    Our Media Center is not only equipped with plenty to read, but teaching with technology is incorporated in many of my lessons. With the use of desktops and a laptop lab, streaming video and websites such as NCWISEOWL and our own ikeepbookmarks site, learning is a high priority. We use the Big6 Research Model, which focuses on six simple steps to help students create their own learning through self-inquiry and motivation and progress into understanding the sources necessary for student research. These steps help students not only in their school years, but will further their education throughout life.

    Kindergarten through second grade are on a fixed schedule at Leicester, with each class in these grades visiting at a set time every week. Third and fourth grade teachers plan with me to bring their students into the library so that we can achieve the same objectives - together. The intermediate grades have 15 minutes a week to come to check out books together as a class. There is open checkout at 7:30-8:00 before school for all students and third through fourth grade students may come anytime in the day to the media center to check out books with a library pass. We enjoy two Scholastic Book Fairs a year, one in the Fall and one in Spring, and we collaborate typically in the Spring with our local Barnes and Noble to further acquire books for our library collection, as well.

    Students who score higher on "tests tend to come from schools which have more library resource staff and more books, periodicals and videos, and where the instructional role of the teacher-librarian and involvement in cooperative program planning and teaching is more prominent."
    – Keith Curry Lance, et. al. The Impact of School Library Media Centers on Academic Achievement