Kindergarten is a new and exciting experience for students and their parents. It also gives children the opportunity to grow and develop through play.  While students develop through play they are also use academic skills. Literacy and Math activities consume a large portion of our academic time.  Below are some Literacy & Math year end goals.  

* Recognize all 52 uppercase and lowercase letters
*Identify all 26 letter sounds
*Recognize and produce rhyming words
*Blend and segment simple words (cat, dog, him, sun, hen)
*Read and retell Level C books (these books have approximately 90-110 words and contain many of our K sight words)
*Recognize and read all Kindergarten sight words
*Write first and last name
*Write more than one sentence on a specific topic using phonemic awareness to sound out words

*Recognize, represent and write numerals 0-20
*Count to 100 by 1's and 10's
*Identify flat shapes and describe their attributes: circle, square, hexagon, triangle and rectangle
*Identify solid shapes and describe their attributes: cone, cube, sphere and cylinder
*Fluently add and subtract up to 5
*Measure objects using non standard methods (cubes, crayons, paper clips, yarn, etc.)
*Sort objects by their attributes and identify which group has more, less or the same amount