3rd Grade

3rd Grade Academic Expectations   


● Read and understand complex text. 
● Determine themes and important ideas while reading.
  ● Interpret words and analyze meaning in a text.
  ● Understand how point of view shapes a story. 
● Determine main idea and key details in a text.
  ● Score a 3 or higher on the reading EOG. 

● Write texts that state an opinion and give facts/reasons that  support that opinion. 
● Write texts that are informative and include facts and details.
  ● Write narratives that include a beginning, middle, and ending with  supporting details to describe characters, setting, plot, etc. 

● Develop fluency with multiplication and division facts, within 100.  ● Represent and solve multi-step story problems involving addition,  subtraction, multiplication, and division. 
● Understand and use place value. 
● Understand a fraction as a number on a number line. 
● Compare fractions by reasoning about their size. 
● Represent and interpret data.
  ● Understand concepts of area and perimeter. 
● Solve problems using measurement and estimation. 
● Reason with shapes and their attributes. 
● Score a 3 or higher on the math EOG